Introducing a new automotive player to market with an uncompromising 4×4.

Working with INEOS, a company with annual revenues over $85 billion, to support their ambition to build a new car company from scratch.

Designing a website that will place the customer experience at the heart of the process. Launching a digital brand platform to capture early interest in the model and build a global prospect pool.

As Lead UI Designer, I was responsible for designing a website that would place the customer experience at the heart of the process. In collaboration with a strong team of UX Designers, Developers and Creative Directors, I helped bring this brand to life by creating design systems, digital concepts for the marketing and the entire responsive UI website design.

We engineered a website using these three principles – capability, durability, and utility. This manifested itself in a tailored, designed experience that reflected the build quality of the vehicle. We also saw to it that the website can handle all user and business needs while still being robust and authentic in all the assets we display on the website.


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