Introducing a new automotive player to market with an uncompromising 4×4.

Working with INEOS, a company with annual revenues over $85 billion, to support their ambition to build a new car company from scratch.

Designing a website that will place the customer experience at the heart of the process. Launching a digital brand platform to capture early interest in the model and build a global prospect pool.

For the design approach, I used these three principles.

Capability – Making the user feel confident that they are in capable hands and proving our capability through our attention to detail by creating a tailored and engineered digital experience that reflects the build quality of the Grenadier.

Durability – Building a robust website that can handle the user and business needs. From learning more about the vehicle through to the point they make their purchase.

Utility – Showing only what we need to, not over-complicating the components or our content, and being authentic in all the assets we display on the website. Quality over quantity in everything we do, keeping it simple, stripped-back and impactful, just like the vehicle itself.


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